Saturday, January 31, 2009

Champion for Chelsea, Losers for LiverpooL

this Sunday gonna be a huge match between this 2 clubs.. unfortunately as usual i 'm not having the chance to watch it live on screen..can only watch a couple days after.. a prediction match whose gonna be the final third.. win means they got the advantage to get back on the race for the top, competing the red 'demon' ... i'm a chelsea supporter..its obvious, as imply in the title on top there.. i do hope they will beat those losers, ya the L team.. beat them up boys.. let them walk alone forever.. n yeap, another things is..please la... i cant take anymore those redish2 color..all those red red team .. Man U ke, Arsenal ke.. as long as it goes red.. enough la.. blue rules forever and for always.. cheers for JT n co. glory for the blues!!