Thursday, March 12, 2009

i miss home sooo much... really want to go back n meet the whole family.. taste mom's cooking.. sit and watch tv at my favourite couch, having dinner wif all of us together..' cilok' my dad car n pusing2 the is so tension with works pile up, dah macam gunung kt atas meja tu.. assigments make me sick.. erghh.. nk muntah tgk kertas belambak2, buku tebal2 kene baca, lecture notes lg... serabut otak fikir nk masuk practikal ujung sem ni, dgn food checklist x siap, food album ntah ke mana ..waaaaaa....nape cam kalut sgt idup ak ni?? why must life be meant like this?? when can i get some rest n have a break in life.. 4 just a second without all this stuff bothering me.. but pple says no gain without pain..its part of, keep moving n pretending u r happy while u r suffering by all this :-( even when u feel so reluctant doin it- sigh..

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