Sunday, April 05, 2009

we r the worst..r we?

evryone keep complaining bout this batch.. dunno where is our fault till they see us like a trouble maker.. r we really like tat? the tutors and lecturers, everyone seems us like a hopeless object.. r we tat hopeless? i've been thinking r we tat bad? is it so serious.. maybe we r not sensitive enough to tackle with their frustation on us..we ignored things..we dont take their comments to be thought..we take everything for granted.. yep tat might be the reason everyne r moody on us.. we have no passion, none of us seen to be so keen with this course..tat wat the lecturer thought about us..perhaps yes..but it is so unfair to put all the blame solely on our shoulder.. it takes two to tango..problem does not come only from one should be view as a whole, from both side..they should have been reviewed back the system they carried out..the syllibus.. they said they will try to arrange the best as they could so it wont burden the student..but since the first sem i dont see how the system help us a lot..nothing is student friendly. we r bulk with unnecessary subjects n scheduling is like chaos.. just another few weeks before we r from their observation..time to rely on our own feet.. we r hoping for some sort of motivation from them..encoragement..something please to be listen to.. hmm..dream on..we r hopeless batch..

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