Thursday, June 25, 2009

falling or fooling in love??? do you believe in love at the 1st sight

I've been thinking what sort of person i am when speaking about relationship.. what is my style? love at the first sight or friend first? frankly said, i do not believe in falling in love just by glancing one's eyes.. no way! its only happened in a stories not in reality..well that is what my heart feels and i think we should be more practical than being imaginative.. once, I'm not a girl who has been bribe with princesses bedtime stories everynight..perhaps that make me more realistic..hu2.. seriously would you able to fall in love in just one second? when your eyes meet his eyes n then it goes like an electric shock down into your heart that make it beat fast..dubdabdubdab.. does such thing really happened? you may feel the attraction like - wow,this guy really got the look.. what a cute face..jambu nyer.. bleh tahan hensem mamat ni.. kinda those. but to really hook up in just one stare..i think its impossible. well it is only a personal view n still everyone have the right to believe wateva they want.. because i'm so free i decide to take an online test just to confirm about my belief of love at the first sight..whether im into it or against it

1st test result
nurul, you get a crush on somebody very often. However you know the difference between having a crush on somebody and being in love. When you are interested in somebody very deeply then you use your good sense and curiosity to find out as much as possible about the other person. Your opinion: a crush can start spontaneously, but it takes time to develop deeper and long-lasting feelings. Meaning..pandangan pertama tu blh jadi suka tapi suka saja2 not a very serious feeling smpi leh jadi angau..hmmm

2nd test result
you are romantic and practical at the same time. you may not fall in love at the first sight but we wish you good luck anyway.

3rd test result

You are more of a thinker than a feeler.You plan your life and live your plan. Your relationships do not just "happen." The chemistry is certainly there, but it is modulated by an intelligent thought process. You are impressed by the opposite sex when that person is a living model of your predetermined "appropriate mate" criteria. This is not a binding, unalterable vision, but it has prerequisites that are normally honored. meaning, chemistry tu maybe ada tapi perhubungan tu akan menjadi sekiranya si dia menepati ciri2 lelaki idaman anda..

so isn't quite obvious..


baLQis Zafira said...

kaknaa....ko ade terpandang mate sape2 ke ni???haha

Farah Hanani said...

it's just so weird.. maybe we should call it crush at the first sight.. coz love is soo much deeper than just looking at anyone's eyes and got electrified.. haha..

kakna said...

mata ayer jer.. he3