Thursday, July 23, 2009

jalan-jalan di bandar taiping..

my 1st impression after exploring this old town so called tepeng is wow!.. i can say that taiping is actually a unity of old and new kind of city.. a combination of two different era in one place called taiping.. at one side, you can see a growing and rapid developing town while at the other part of it you can still find a well preserve historical architectural from the past.. and the best out of this is ,the nature.. i can describe taiping as a piece of drawing with hill and sky background. coz everytime when i look upon the sky then i will see a hill covered with trees and mist. so nice i couldnt get this kind of view elsewhere especially in my concrite jungle hometown.. after a while living in taiping and getting more n more into its local lifestyle.. i started to think that no wonder people in taiping live a longer life. its true i guess, majority of patient in hospital taiping can still breath until the age of 80 n some can even survive up to 100 years maa.. the reason behind it maybe ,they r surrounded by mother nature.. i really facinate with the beauty of this place n how i wish i would own my dream cam so that i could capture all those preety things in a photo. last time when i was in perlis, it was all about a greeny calmy paddy field n now in taiping its the hill of larut that gonna be an unforgetable place..

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