Friday, February 05, 2010

p/s : i love you

it's easy to say than it is to do.. anyone can open their mouth and say anything but not everyone can act accordingly to what they said.. anyone can say "i can do this ..i can do that".. but the real is.. we still not sure if we r capable of doing it

and this one single thing.. it bring me the to weakest part of my self.. till im not so sure if i can pretend to be so cool about it..

sometimes,in any given days, in any minutes ,in any second.. the memories came back and keep haunting cause it never die

and for some other reason, i always have the feeling that those memory will keep germinate and soon to bloom beautifully when spring come.. n forever.. will i wait for the spring arrival? cause it might be no spring for the whole year.. perhaps, it will be a snow days.. where nothing is growing..

its a terrible feeling.. to forget.. n to know u are forgotten..
it is hard .. to not be able to be with the person u badly wanna live with..
to realizing the person will never be yours in any each ways..

its now 3.57 am.. while listening to a calmly instrumental song.. n treating my self with a cup of hot chocolate drink.. in a very quiet and peaceful night..once again.. the memories of him occupied me..

p/s : .........


blueCITY said...

im still lovin u...

Pei Pan said...

I really love this verse " Allah does not burden a soul beyond its capacity" [ Al-Baqarah 2:286 ].
Sometimes, memories keep hunting us even thought we tried very hard to forget. Yeah, the memories its still there and we can’t erase easily. Maybe, one can make you feel better is try to be redha and let it go. Who know, maybe one fine day you will meet a very good person that suit for you.

kakna said...

blue - masih ad yg syg rupanyer.. :D

pei pan - i believe that one fine moment will soon come.. god has his own reason to keep us waiting..maybe its true that we shall save the best for the last.. n 2 get the best out of all we shall pay with patience

syahbandar87 said...

lupakan yg pahit.ckp mmg senang lakan..spt kata2 saudari jgk..mulut senang la ckp,tp kdng2 dia x mampu bwt apa yg dia ckp..hehe

kakna said...

syahbandar - erm.. betul.. ntah knp ye.. hati ni susah dikawal..