Sunday, February 08, 2009

father's love

i watched this movie last night, for a second time.. its about a father with intelegence disability in which he raise his daughter alone when the mother left them at the day she was born, the movie played by sean penn and the daughter role was given to the very talented young actress dakota fanning, it was an excellent acting by both of them.. but what touching me the most was the storyline. the movie is so intense with so many sad, gloomy and heartbroken scenes they shared together as a father and daughter. the movie did remind me of the greatest love that our father spent to us, even sometimes they do not know how to express it in a visible way, they are actually trying to prove us, we are always showered with his to me is a very special person, how he put all the responsibility to work harder and harder, the effort he carries all at his shoulder to gives us the most comfort home, the most delicious food, the pretiest cloth, the best education so that we can read an abc we can count 1,2,3 and for so many many things .. dad is definitley the one..the ones of a class with no other can replace their place inside ur heart.. my father, he's not feeling well lately..he had a complication with his heart..he need medication and sometimes when i rang him up he often told me that he feel so uncomfortable and he's not feeling as much stronger as the old time, no longer fit n capabe in doing thing he likes..he keep complaining things and things.. i know how he hate being a weak person, he's our father,of course he wanted to look tough, like a protector to us to our mother.. if only i can tell him, he done enough..he did the job wonderfully..its time for you to rest and let us care for you instead.. it is so heart touching when i hears his he was panted..kind of like breathlessly.. it happened quit often when i called him and he answered me with that kind of voice..sometimes i will start to drop a tear, just a single tear..i wont let him to know that.. i keep praying to god, please give my father a gives of healthiness so that he can freely moves around doing things he wishes for.. n if i can shout to the whole world how much dad means to me..he's simply undefined.. just 3 simple words i can says is i love him..i love my father..and i love you daddy.. as simple as that..but it bring thousand meaning behind it..

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