Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm trying harder,persuading myself that this was meant for me in which i made the right choice when i pick this course..but somehow i just feel that i may had choose a wrong decision..i don't know, the eagerness inside me starting to sink away and away.. so scared that i might lose em someday..huh! what's life without passion..doing thing reluctantly..that's so not me.. hm..i cant blame other cause this is what I'm opt least for some people they can still put the fault on their parent for instance for forcing them this n that, but when i made up this it was totally on my own so anything happen later tanggung sndr la.. its a bad feeling..even now dh x larat nk jawab test tired nk tgk buku..nk belek selai2 lg la..i wonder what is happening to me.. i got test the day after tomorrow,two days left for some revision..its a lot to read to memorize..but here i am in front of my laptop posting my blog, chatting with some of the friends, checking out my fs.. exploring the Internet looking for something unimportant..doing foolish thing.. cari kudap2 nk godness..dear me..u are ruining yourself..wake up gurl..go n grab the notes.. read is on monday!..but definitely i wont finish it up SEVENTEEN times..katam 17 kali mcm ade org tu..giler.. at least im not insane like him..huuuhh..

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