Saturday, September 26, 2009

could it be worse if your love is no more than a waste

last night i had a dream,
a dream of him,
he came in,
making my sleep uneasy..

none of words spoken,
we just stand and stare,

i woke up in the morning,
feeling dizzy in my head,
why does he comes??
if he not even have any intention to drop by
or its just me who let him in and out,
as he wish..

many say, let go things you love.. free it..
but i says, how can u let it go, when you're too in love

p/s - love can be a great gift or.. a worthless rubbish..


Pei Pan said...

Dalam kenangan, cinta sentiasa manis, walaupun ia sebenarnya tidak berguna. Dan apa yang hilang daripada keseronokkan dapat di sembuhkan dengan apa yang di temui dalam kepahitan. - Lyster

Kisah cinta kamu ke ni? :D

al said...

tq singgah anaklaut

zai said...

Falling in love is something that can make your life better or even worse than what you can beware of those mat2 romeo out there k...

kakna said...

pei pan - many thing we learn and understand from grievness

AL - trm kasih krn singgah jugak

kak zai - try not to be one of the victims.. insyaallah jiwa ni masih kental

Farah Hanani said...

we never knew its a waste untill we try to feel the moment. better we try than we dont even know how's the epitome of love..

wahh.. jiwang pelik aku ni tetiba.. hak3...

syahbandar87 said...

kehadirannya tampa diduga..walaupun x prnh d pinta..hmm..hidup ini indah kerna ada manis dan pahitnye